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Help Us Qualify Our Republican Leaders!

We are currently collecting petition signatures to qualify our Manhattan Republican Party Members.  Please help us by signing our designating petition or, better yet, helping us collect the signatures from our Republican neighbors.

We would love to have you as part of our East Side Republican team!  If you are interested in running to become a Member of The Manhattan Republican Party, please contact us at 212-896-5000.  (Click here for more information about the Manhattan Republican Party.)











Our primary focus is the election of candidates to party and political office. The Club participates at all levels in party, local, state and national elections.

We are involved in the campaigns for issues as well as candidates. Members are sought to run as candidates for elective office as well as to run the campaigns of candidates supported by the Club.

We assist candidates in running their campaigns by manning telephone banks, passing political petitions in order to get Republican candidates on the election ballot, distributing campaign literature and advancing for the candidates when they appear in person on the streets or at large gatherings.

In addition, political discussion groups are hosted on a regular basis, enabling members to interface with government officials or public or community figures.

We limit the number of attendees to these members-only events so we can meet with and ask questions of our guests.

We are quite proud of our record of hosting knowledgeable, interesting and well-known guest speakers.

They have included a wide variety of federal, state, local and community leaders, speaking on topics ranging from local community problems to international crises.

You can see an extensive list of our Past Speakers by going to About Us.

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